Yoga Teacher Training Goa India


What is yoga?

Sanskrit words make up the phrase "yoga", which means union. Yogis believe there are eight centers in our body where we can feel stress or tension. They call these points "chakras".

Yogic practices help your body relax through breathing and movement. You will learn how to use your senses to focus on areas of tension, plus you'll practice relaxing techniques like stretching and removing distractions.

These include doing poses, talking, sharing with others, and more. All of these things promote mindfulness, awareness, and self-acceptance.

Learn why yoga is good for you, including improved mood and health benefits. When you leave this training, you will know how to teach easy and fun yoga classes that get results.

Trainers from around the world come to Indiato learn these skills. There are over 400 teachers currently working at Ritz Carlton hotels around the globe. The manager of their Tokyo restaurant team taught here last year.

Yoga Teacher Training Goa India

And many successful entrepreneurs and business owners have also taken these trainings.

Introducing yoga classes

As your practice evolves, you’ll find yourself wanting more meditation, longer breath sequences, and greater awareness of your body and mind. Each session will be unique, depending on your needs and what technique you’ve been exploring most recently.

No matter what style you choose, there are lots of ways to make it comfortable for you. You can focus on home exercises or stay in a clinic for whole sessions.

You can visit several times a week or once off for maximum effectiveness. Find something that works best for you and your schedule.

Your fellow students may also help you develop your skills by being aware of your posture and soothingly whispering suggestions about breathing and circulation.

These are great opportunities to learn more about this powerful way to enhance your health and happiness.

Know your poses

These are not just things you do when you stand in line for coffee. These are exercises that target specific muscles or groups of muscles.

Many people think that yoga is about sitting down and doing “poses” (which is really just a term we use for standing up activities), but these are actually resting positions, which helps you release stress and relax.

However, since we're talking about moves, they are also useful ways to work out tension including sore muscles. By learning some basic poses along with their names, you can make your yoga session more efficient and help get your legs ready for practice.

For instance, if you feel tight where you sit, try lowering yourself into a modified chair pose. Or try relaxing either in a seated position or how else, while taking a few deep breaths. Name some poses!

These will help you focus on getting comfortable being still both mentally and physically. When done correctly, holding this position for several minutes can give your body an amazing feeling of relaxation.

Breaking this up by moving around can be very helpful in reducing any kind of pain or discomfort. This also works well as a cool-down exercise after a hard workout.

Get back to it! You don't need to hold the position forever, only until you feel stable and no longer have trouble breathing.

Yoga Teacher Training Goa India

Enjoy your practice

“Don’t worry about failure, you can be inspired every time by how capable you are.” —Nora Korman

We all fail at something, sometimes dramatically. I know because I was taught that if I practiced bad habits instead of focusing on my goals, I would achieve them later.

But we cannot allow fear or disappointment to stop us from trying. Failure is a part of progress; some days it will happen often. When it does, find ways to make better choices the next time you try to do anything.

The best way to succeed is by failing repeatedly. The more you struggle, the stronger you get. You grow in confidence, which makes succeeding even easier.

If you keep letting yourself feel frustrated due to mistakes then you’ll keep making them. But you don’t have to let feeling overwhelmed prevent you from taking action and just doing it.

Take small steps and pay attention to your feelings, seeing what you need to work on and where you fall short. Then once you’ve corrected the problems, then you can take measures to ensure they don’t reoccur.

Pat on the back

This is our favorite yoga pose. It’s a gentle push up, combining asanas(poses) with mindfulness (awareness).

Here are all the things you need to know about this pose:

Where to put your hands/feet

What kind of breathing to do

How long to breathe away the breath

Who should I be feeling comfortable around?

There is no one right way to do this pose.

Feel free to adapt it to your level – whether that means going slowly or quickly.

Mostly when we think about pushing up onto our wrists, we think about hard pushes. But there is a difference between hard and soft touch points.

A hard push can make us feel tight or strained. A soft push feels like lifting a weight at the gym. With a soft push, you will find that you have more control over how hard you push yourself.

With a hard push, you could start with good form and strict alignment, but then you would probably go too far and lose balance. When you soften your push, you can better maintain your form and progress smoothly.

But don’t worry if you fail to properly align someone in vinyasa krama. That is normal! Alignment is part of the dance. And just because you cannot fully harmonize through proper alignment does not mean you can’t sing.

Yoga Teacher Training Goa India

Tell your friends

Once you’ve trained under us, sharing our knowledge is an important part of your work as a yoga teacher.

The more people know about yoga, the greater number of people will be willing to try it. More people trying yoga will also help it grow in popularity.

Here are all the ways you can do to spread the word about mine and my team’s training program.

Facebook pages/groups: Join one or many Facebook groups that are dedicated to things that interest you and let everyone in their circle hear about how amazing your experience was.

Twitter: Follow me and my team on Twitter and share every lesson with your fellow followers. The list of students who follow both myself and my team regularly has nearly doubled in size since I joined twitter.

Instagram: Use Instagram not only to document your daily travels, but to inspire others to travel and learn about another culture. Share pictures of the places you visit as well as meals and parties.

LinkedIn: This networking site is great for connecting with other professionals. If you are a fitness professional then connect with other coaches, trainers and professionals in the industry.

Reddit: Post messages calling yourself and others around you to explore mindfulness and spirituality. Many subscribers have thousands of loyal fans that they would love to see.

Tumblr: Find blogs that talk about topics that are relevant to your own practice and write posts for them. Add new content occasionally.

Yoga teacher training

If you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, then you should know that it is not enough to want to learn how to practice yoga. You will need additional classes after you finish your foundation year for yourself as well as other students.

Your confidence can help you gain knowledge about yoga quickly, but don’t forget to be respectful of others and their beliefs. The best way to achieve this is by being informed.

There are many resources available these days that can help you obtain information. People have different attitudes toward learning things so choose the one that fits you most.

If you prefer reading, there are lots of books available. There are even free websites dedicated to helping people read faster than ever before.

Whatever you choose to do, whether it is listening to music or going to class, just make sure you do it regularly.

This will keep you busy and take time away from thinking about your next lesson or trying to sleep. Both things must happen simultaneously if you are to prepare for the next phase of your yoga education.