How Much Do Web Design Professionals Make in Atlanta?

In most cases, web designers are known to work in an office environment and these experts are endowed with the responsibility of developing the backbone of websites. The candidates are often required by the bosses to possess a bachelor’s degree in computer technology, informational technology, programming, or any other related field. Nevertheless, some firms are known to settle for applicants with adequate years of experience instead of bachelor’s degree specifications.

It is imperative for the candidates to have superb oral as well as written conversation abilities. They must likewise have excellent demonstration skills too. Apart from this, these web designers must be capable of working in a team atmosphere plus they need to give their best for gratifying their clients out there.

On top of this, they should also have solid consulting expertise and have fantastic problem-solving abilities as well. They have to make modifications according to the preference of their clients and users. Web designers need to focus on detail and they should also have the ability to fulfill tight deadlines.

Considering that web developers usually develop web sites from the very scratch, it is imperative for them to know appropriate programming languages, for example, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. They likewise need to have a basic comprehension of the related hardware. Making sure that their codes are free from computer viruses is yet another of their many responsibilities.

While they need to be concerned with the overall appearance of a website, web developers will be more focused on the technical aspect of the said site. Web designers must always keep their expertise updated by going through pertinent specialized publications, participating in workshops, and enrolling for supplemental college course as well. It might be compulsory for them to educate or train fresh or younger web designers plus they might be also required to visit the offices of their clients or even vendors.

Web Designer Jobs:

1. Analyze and document software program for Internet sites.

2. Work together with content suppliers.

3. Write, change, and debug application for web sites.

4. Create code to create web pages, gain access to databases as well as business logic servers.

How much does a typical Web Designer earn in Atlanta, GA?

Atlanta happens to be the capital and also the most populated metropolis in the state of Georgia located in the US, and it has an approximated population of 463,878 (as in 2015). Being the financial and cultural hub of the Atlanta metropolitan region, it houses approximately 5,522,942 individuals and is the 9th biggest metropolitan region in the United States.

The salary of an average web designer in the city of Atlanta happens to be $75,273 (as in 2019); however, the range is usually somewhere between $64,352 and $86,048. The range of salaries will depend on several essential aspects, such as education, additional skills, qualifications, as well as the period of time he or she has invested in their occupation.

The standard payoff time for a web designer in Atlanta is less than one year.

4 Tips For Atlanta Website Design Employees Looking To Freelance

Switching from being an employee to be a freelancer in any field is a difficult process that requires a lot of patience and commitment. It is even more difficult and challenging for the people that are in the website design industry to make it out as freelancers.

This is because there are very many things you need to learn before you become good and competent as a freelancer in the field. As such, it is important for you to do a lot of research when you are thinking of starting out as a freelancer in website design.

To help you out when you are going to freelance as a website designer, here are some of the tips you should follow.

1. Client relations

It is very important to know that he clients are the reason you are in business and without them, you cannot be successful. To ensure that you keep your clients and even expand your client base, it is therefore important for you to learn how to interact with your clients.

Ensure that you do not undersell yourself and the services you offer. Also ensure that you explain the nature of the services you offer in simple terms to the clients for better understanding.  Starting  your own client website is a good step in the right direction, so clients can get to know, like and trust you.

2. Marketing

Most of the website designers think that this is not important and that they can bypass this process. However, it is important to know that marketing is very essential for any business regardless of its nature.

For effective marketing, you can use social media platforms and print business cards and hand them out in events. When marketing, ensure that you market locally and also globally because your services cannot be limited by geographical boundaries.

3. Participate and engage in conversations in social media

There are very many pages and platforms in social media that are created for website developers and designers. Some are set up to help people find designers and some are set up for designers to meet and discuss. It is important to let your voice be heard in these platforms.
This is one of the easiest forms of marketing and also selling out your ideas and you may end up getting many clients.

4. Time management

As a freelancer, one thing that you have to be prepared for is to receive many projects at the same time. Since the scenario is unavoidable, it is important therefore that you find strategies to ensure that you effectively manage your time so that you complete your projects in time.

One effective method is productive procrastination, where you first work on the projects that are more important and those that are required urgently.


Website design is a practice that many people have ventured in today due to the increased demand for website development and design for businesses and enterprises. While working as a freelancer in the sector may seem to be beautiful and financially rewarding, it takes a lot of time to master the skills required and become competitive.

3 Job Hunting Tips For Atlanta Web Designers

Once you have made your web design skills perfect, the next step is to look for a job. Perfecting your skills comes first because it will determine your competitiveness and greatly determine if you will get a designing job or not. It is therefore very important to ensure that you have polished on your skills before you go looking for a job.

Even with good skills and an excellent resume, it may be difficult to get a web design job if you do not have tips on how to effectively look for a job.

There are very many things you should have when you are looking for a web design job and any other job in the job market. However, the top 3 tips to have when you are looking for a job are:

1. Find your identity

This simply means that you have to define what it is that distinguishes you from your competitors. You can do a competitive search on websites like LinkedIn about your competitors. This way, you will be able to discover what their strengths and weaknesses are, the similarity of their services to yours and you may even find a loophole you can explore.

Once you have found the loopholes you can explore maximize on them and perfect your skills in these gaps. This could be the best way to market your brand and make yourself competitive in the market. With one perfect thing that is unique, it will be easier for you to get jobs.

2. Add value to your work

Value proposition is a very common term in the workplace and it generally means asking the question what.’’ While the most common question that many people ask is how’’, the what’’ part is also important. This is because even with the best marketing skills, you will not get far if you do not have content.

When considering the value you are adding to your work, it is also important to note that the value you think you are adding may not be the value the stakeholders want. You should therefore ensure that you carefully get to know what your stakeholders want from you and work accordingly.

3. Get involved

Whether you are fresh out of college or you are simply moving from one job to another, getting out there is paramount. There are so many ways you can get out there are actively look for a web design job. You can tell your friends, family and colleagues that you are looking for a job. You can also look in the internet and other mass media platforms for openings.

While you are waiting to get a full-time job, it also wouldn’t hurt to get gigs here and there. This will help you create a buzz around your brand and this may greatly help you broaden your client base and help you get a job faster.


Looking for a job in the web design industry is not easy and you have to ensure that you are active. Doing freelance gigs is very effective because it not only helps you get more experience, but also helps you put your name and your brand out there.

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